Order Fulfillment Webstore

Drive donations to your school or organization with Slogoed’s all-in-one eCommerce solution that’s designed for your success. Our online ordering fulfillment program is a great way to streamline your organization’s apparel and promotional items ordering process. We will set up an online store for you, allowing a representative from your group or individuals, to easily order brand items and have them shipped directly to them. Having a dedicated online store unique to your organization allows you to ensure all items meet the identity standards for your brand.


Help your group get ready for Spirit Day or show their school pride year-round by selling t-shirts, keychains, stickers, and other gear branded with your school’s logo or other imagery. Our design team creates new art for each season, so every time a user revisits your webstore, they have fresh designs to choose from.

When you partner up to do a merchandise web shop with Slogoed, our design team will create a free customize design/logo for your school or organization’s merchandise; a solution which means your school or organization won’t need an upfront investment or storage space for your products.


Schools hold a wide variety of events, from dances and competitions to field trips and theater productions. With your own webshop, you can raise money for different school events however is necessary.

Yearbook Sales

Yearbooks are another perfect fit for a webstore. This is a beloved tradition for students and parents alike. By selling yearbooks online, we eliminate the need for parents to send their kids to school with money for the purchase or to stop by the office themselves. We can even set up a Waiting List so customers can sign up ahead of time to receive an automatic email when the yearbook becomes available for purchase.

How the Process Works

Users see a link to your online store, on your organization’s website or through email communication.

Users shop in your online store, and select items to put in their shopping cart.

Users select their choice of payment method to check out.

Users complete a secure transaction thru the PayPal website.
(PayPal account is not required)

Users get redirected back to your site for order confirmation. Your organization receives the funds within minutes.