Creative Services

We’re a full-service design studio. The work that we do for our clients monopolizes mindshare, builds brand loyalty, and drives revenue. Whether it’s a small t-shirt job for a local sport team, or a large marketing campaign for a corporation, we bring the same degree of passion, strategy, and creative ingenuity to every project. Our accomplished designers bring to the table, a full spectrum of creative capabilities.

Graphic Design

Our seasoned team is inspired by the world around us, always searching for the latest trends, technologies and innovations. When it comes to customization, we make it personal! Slogoed designs are innovative, adding unique spins on the things we offer; always meeting customers’ needs.

Logo Creation

The primary building block of any brand, a logo, should first be memorable and have a symbolic essence of what a company represents. At Slogoed, we believe that a logo is the most fundamental part of your corporate identity, as it should be able to encapsulate the core values and primary essence of your company as effectively and authentically as possible. Therefore, we work with our clients closely to capture their traits and translate them into a design that is uniquely their own.

Local Business Marketing

Our company is an advocate for helping local businesses create and market their brand, resulting in increase in revenue and business exposure on a local level. We work with local communities to build fundraisers as well.

Other Services Include:

Packaging, brochures & publications, social media creatives, marketing campaigns, retail & merchandising, tradeshows, sales collateral… and much more.